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Our History

In 1935, James E. Wiggins, Sr., an employee of a downtown Columbus furniture store, and his wife Margaret, began preparing income tax returns for Central Ohioans in their home on the near east side of Columbus. It wasn’t long until Mr. Wiggins opened the first J. E. Wiggins & Co. office at the corner of East Main Street and Ohio Avenue.

For 35 years, Mr. and Mrs. Wiggins owned and operated J. E. Wiggins & Co. eventually expanding their services to include bookkeeping and payroll. In the 1960’s they opened several satellite offices to serve even more Central Ohio taxpayers. Finally in 1970, Mr. Wiggins sold his tax preparation business and he and Mrs. Wiggins retired.

During the 1970’s the new owners continued to serve the area and expand the number of offices. In 1980, the business was incorporated as Wiggins Accounting Service, Inc. yet retained the original name of J. E. Wiggins & Co. Throughout the 1980’s, 1990’s and now in this century, J. E. Wiggins & Co. has been a locally owned business – not a franchise and not part of a national chain – with four convenient offices ready to serve our clients.

Over 80 years have passed since J. E. Wiggins & Co. began preparing income tax returns and our goal has always been to provide the best tax service possible, with guaranteed accurate returns, for the most reasonable fee possible. We truly value our customers’ loyalty. To have served so many clients for so long reflects their trust in us, and for that we are most grateful.

J.E. Wiggins Staff

J.E. Wiggins & Co. was founded on the principles of honesty and trust, and that tradition continues today.  Our mission to provide you with the best service, with guaranteed accurate returns, at the most reasonable fee possible has not changed throughout our over 80 years in the income tax preparation business.

We know the tax law, and we know how to help you.

We are most proud of our staff and our years of income tax experience.  Attention to detail, innovative thinking and knowledge allow us to consistently meet and exceed the needs of our clients.

Name (Alphabetical)Years of Service
Kathy Andrews3 years
Steve Betts4 years
Murray Brunton2 year
Betty Carroll28 years
Bob Curry8 years
Art Davis16 years
Meg Eesley22 years
Michael Eesley37 years
Bob Eesley48 years
Judy Horn41 years
Sandy Grant7 years
Kim House19 years
Art Kamlet18 years
Greg King2 year
Rebecca Lasky1 year
LuAnne Shelby39 years
Charlie Sheldon4 years
Debbie Skinner22 years
Don Waliser3 years
Mary Walker19 years
John Wronski3 years
Shirley Yablok43 years

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Tax Fact #1"Over the last decade it is estimated that the tax code was amended or revised over 4,000 times!"
Tax Fact #2"Americans spend over 7.6 billion hours each year on their tax returns."
Tax Fact #3"An individual’s personal tax return is often their largest financial transaction in a given year."
Tax Fact #4"The easiest form, the 1040EZ, has thirty-three pages of instructions."
Tax Fact #5"The tax code is over 7 million words in length."
Tax Fact #6"In February of 1913 the Sixteenth Amendment was ratified to the Constitution, granting Congress the power to collect taxes on personal income."
Tax Fact #7"The first income tax in the U.S. was imposed July 1861 to help fund the Civil War."
Tax Fact #8"The highest income tax bracket ever in the U.S. was 94% in 1944."
Tax Fact #9"April 15th is also the day Abraham Lincoln died, the day the Titanic sank and the day McDonald's served its first hamburger."

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