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Tax Fact #1"Americans spend 6.1 billion hours doing taxes each year. The average person spends 13 hours and $240 completing their 1040."
Tax Fact #2"90% of tax returns are expected to be filed electronically. The average refund in 2022 is $3,473, as of 2/25/2022."
Tax Fact #3"If we think taxes are bad now, we should take a gander back to WWII when tax levels rose to 94% for wealthy Americans. Talk about burning through your (very well padded) paychecks!” - Emilee Morehouse, SimpleKeep."
Tax Fact #4"Albert Einstein once said: “The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.” In case you are curious… There are more than 480 tax forms on the IRS website."
Tax Fact #5"The federal tax code was 400 pages in 1913. In 2010 it was 70,000 pages."
Tax Fact #6"April 15th is also the day Abraham Lincoln died, the day the Titanic sank and the day McDonald's served its first hamburger."
Tax Fact #7"In 1923, the first year of our current income tax, there were 400 pages in the tax code. Today there are over 74,000 pages in the code."
Tax Fact #8"Costs for relocating your pet can be written off if you’re relocating for job reasons."
Tax Fact #9"For the tax year 1935, after President Roosevelt raised the highest tax rate to 79%, for individuals making over $5 million it applied to only one person in the United States."

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